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19 Jan 2024

The shop now has a Rapido account.


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Flying Scotsman HO/OO Hornby Doublo range

19 Mar 2023

Pulling into Salisbury Model Centre this week are the much anticipated Flying Scotsman by Hornby from their Dublo range to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

You store you will be able to pick up:

R30206 class 4-6-2
R30207 ‘Flying Scotsman’ 
R30208 ‘Flying Scotsman’ (USA)
R30209 ‘Alan Pegler’
R30210 ‘Flying Scotsman’ 

There are only 500 of each loco that have been produced.

We only have one of each loco so please call to reserve to avoid disappointment.


Gypsum Plaster Busts by Modern Souvenir Co

Figure painters have traditionally looked to Metal or Resin as a medium for their figures or busts, with the expected high price that goes with it.  Plaster is a medium often encountered in diorama bases, buildings or groundwork.  It may be thought of as an unsuitable product for detailed figures, yet historically Plaster of Paris is the preferred medium of sculptors’ and artist’s casting sculptures and reliefs.


Salisbury Model centre stocks a series of British Heritage subjects, not just military that are about 13cm high, I approximate this at 1/9 scale.  The plaster used is British fine Gypsum Plaster which gives a hard surface that captures detail well and when rubbed does not give of any powder residue.  The best thing about being made from Plaster is the difference in price from what you’d expect to pay in Resin. Even a single 1/35 figure in resin is about £10.00 with larger pieces going for £35 to £40 pounds. These are much more affordable at £23.00. As well as the head bust, each one has a series of cameos arranged around the base that illustrate the life and times of each figurehead. The Duke of Wellington for example has tiny soldiers of the 95th, horse and canon, a furled flag and guards. The final supporting base has an inscription.

These busts take acrylic and enamel paint very well and I have no doubt that oils will be suited too.  There are no painting guides included so some research is required but as all the subjects are famous there is no shortage of reference material.

 I chose Wellington to paint and after checking for defects no air bubbles found, no mis-cast areas. I primed the piece in Army Painter black except for the face which I primed in Vallejo Air Mahogany brown. I built up layers of colour using Vallejo Basic flesh, Radome tan, white, bright red and grey all applied through my airbrush.  The bright red was also airbrushed in layers to get tonal variation for his jacket. The final airbrushed area was an over spray of dark grey into the recessed areas of hair, then with a little maskol on the temples, a light blast of white to show some greying of his hair.

The remaining paint work was all done by brush.  The cordage was painted Humbrol enamel gloss Service Brown , then overpainted with brass followed by gold to give the lighter high points.  Army painter Dark tone Ink shade was lightly touched along the cordage to neaten any lines, this was repeated on his collar’s gold embroidery.  Fine brush work gave Wellington some wrinkles around the eyes and frown lines. Very light stippling darkened his jaw line and side burns as well as to darken the eye brows.  The eyes were done in dark green with black pupils.  Unlike resin models these busts have the iris and pupil sculpted which ensures no ‘boss eyed’ look.

 The range includes,  Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth the II, Hadrian, Sherlock Holmes, Queen Elizabeth 1st, Churchill, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Brunel and William the Conqueror. Plus a number of others with new items released approx every 6 months.  Each one is £23.00.




I've always been cautious about low priced Airbrush set ups but after testing the EXPO set for a while and getting good results I am happy to offer these sets along side our IWATA items. For £99.95 you get everything you need except paint and thinner to get you started. Read a full review on Kitmaker Net by clicking the review link below.

Expo Airbrush Review


Some modelers love assembling individual track links, others hate it and would rather replace with Vinyl.  SMC can offer help with both as we have an extensive range of both individual plastic replacement tracks and replacement Vinyl band track too.



A recent article on Armorama focusing on the excellent Great North Roads (GNR) plaster diorama buildings that are stocked but SMC. These heavy items are available on line, but incur steep postage prices due to weight.

GNR Article

WE SELL WOODEN BASES, in various sizes, MDF and real wood, Varnished and plain. We can make MDF bases to any size. Real wood dependant on size can also be done to customers measurments.



LifeColor German WWII Tanks Set 1 (22ml x 6)

The most accurate way to finish your model, 'lifecolor' sets are matched to the exact paint shades used on the real vehicles.  When thinned these acrylics will airbrush beautifully laying down thin coats quickly, used with a conventional brush 'lifecolor' goes on thinly so no detail is lost but light colours will need the application of two coats. The thin consistency means brush marks are almost non-existent. The German set illustrated above has RAL colours, with the designation as used by the Reich Ministry when ordering the employment of colour schemes on German vehicles.  

German WWII Tank set 1 includes:

  • UA 201 Gelbbraun RAL 8020
  • UA 202 Sandgrau RAL 7027
  • UA 203 Grunbraun/Gelbbraun RAL 8000
  • UA 204 Dunkelgelb RAL 7028
  • UA 205 Rotbraun/Schokoladen Braun RAL 8017
  • UA 206 Olivgrun RAL 6003

Other sets use colours matched to FS numbers- Federal standard, the US paint colour designation.

LifeColor NATO MERDC Set (22ml x 6)

This set  is ideal for modern NATO vehicles and includes:

  • UA 301 Black FS 37030
  • UA 302 Brown FS 30051
  • UA 303 Green FS 34094
  • UA 304 Sand FS 30277
  • UA 305 Earth Yellow FS 30257
  • UA 306 Earth Red FS 30117

Other sets available in store and to Order










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