Blog reporting of our 2013 show. Please note IPMS Salisbury has a separate site for info and admin regarding 2014's show. Click here for 2014 show.


2013 show report  

class 1= AIRCRAFT, 1/72 and smaller class 2= AIRCRAFT, 1/71 and larger.
class 3=MIL VEHICLES & ARTY 1/36 and smaller class 4=MIL VEHICLES & ARTY 1/35 and larger
class 5= Single figures and Busts class 6= Dioramas and Vignettes
class 7= Sci-fi, Film & Fantasy class 8= Cars, Bikes and Lorries
class 9= Ships & Maritime. class 10= Junior (under 16) Sponsored by SALISBURY MODEL CENTRE


Class Gold Silver
1 Kevin Payne- Vickers Varsity Malcome Lowe- Junkers F13
2 Adran Nutland- Martlet III Tony Adams- Dauntless
3 Russell Eden- Panzerwerfer SWS Richard Thorne- Centaur 
4 Mark Chissem- Jackel Terry Taylor- SWB Landrover
5 Craig Southam- Capt Jack Craig Southam- Senagalese Traveller
6 Mark Chissen- Avenger flight deck Dio Daniel Brooker- Steet Furniture 
7 Glyn Spurr- V2 TEL Glyn Spurr- Rook
8 Ian Dominy- Lotus 49 Brain Arlott- 1957 Chrysler
9 Chris Marston- HMS Couger Tony Hawton- HMS Richmond
10 Jack Grist- Spitfire Dio Chris Wilson- Jagdtiger


01 June13.

Salisbury IPMS successfully held their annual Model Show at Laverstock on 1 June 2013. Show Organiser and Club Chairman Richard Clarke did a great job in organising the event, though he admits to a few hiccups. That he wants to do the whole thing again next year proves he is a glutton for punishment. The format was pretty traditional, traders, club stands and a competition. The competition is open to all but not entered by Salisbury IPMS members to ensure it is transparently fair.  The standard of entries was extremely high. This 1/48 FW190D was beautifully done with great engine bay detail but failed to make the top two in its catogory. 

 A list of the top placed models will be available soon. Only Gold and Silver medals are awarded, necessary to ensure we can keep a very low entry fee- only 50p. But it is fair to say that a lot more could have been handed out as there was so many entries worthy of award.

An impressive Merlin Helicopter from the Club stands