Achieved articles from July to Sept.


22 Sept 13. Club members assisted in the judging of the Air cadet modelling event at Boscombe Down.  Some pictures of the excellent models can be seen here. Air cadet Models  Thank you to club members Colin W, Richard L, Peter J and Sibo for taking the time to assist Dave Berryman.

17 Sept 13 A wet evening but still a good number of club members turned out.  Only a small amount of finished models though, Richard had the second Iron man completed in silver finish, Bill a Choctow, Sandy a Beaufighter and later on Rick arrived with another 1/35 diorama featuring a Jagdtiger.  The main event was an excellent slide show ( powerpoint actually) that charted some of the interesting Museums that Colin Whitehouse has visited around the world. China, Vietnam and Germany, with a host of unusual exhibits housed in unusual ways. China's museum of Technology that seemed more akin to an armoury was set inside a  life size model of an aircraft carrier complete with a Chinese air-wing on the deck.


4 Sept 13. A picture heavy article today as I report on club night from Tuesday 3 Sept. A very large turnout of club members with an accompanying large turnout of boxes and works in progress but only two finished builds. This increased to 3 when a new member arrived, Rick with a wonderful WWII diorama in 1/35 scale.  

 The tables were covered in various new purchases, some true new such as Richard Lanes new Airfix GR1 Harrier, others old new purchases such as Heller's 1/24 Bentley or Revell VW Camper.

Works in progress came from Mick Myers with 2 large projects that reflected his time in service. Accurate Armour's Antar was being constructed to reflect time in Germany as it had a Tamiya Leo 1 on it's trailer. His Chieftain set up matched his own photos from the period.Sibo brought in Merit models 1/18 Flak 36, Richard Clarke another version of Iron man in silver to continue the theme as he had a red and gold version also present but finished. Richard also had a Wallace and Gromit van in primer, inspired by Colin's build last month it seems.  Ben brought in another fine 1/48 aircraft, a Tomcat that created a lot of interest, it seems Bill, our resident USN expert builder may have some young competition. Brian rose is working on another IDF vehicle, this time AFV Club's M109 with resin upgrades. Sandy brought in two fine example of British aircraft in silver finish.


Brian was the host of the presentation on painting ejection seats, a very interesting talk on the various seats he has worked on as modeller and as an armourer on the real things. He was supported by an anecdotal hijack from Peter James who also had fond memories of time spent in various 'bang seats' while a photographer at Boscome down.

10 Sept 13. New article posted below by Bill Allen on his 1/48 IBEX TEXAN II. Details of  3rd September meeting will be posted soon. A busy night with many 'works in progress'....  Also note that our archive is developing with newsletters being added.  Enjoy!

16 August 13. A new Gallery added for senior member Mr Brian Rose. For members gallery scroll down or click here. 

6 August 13. A busy night with a high turn out of members this Tuesday. We welcome new members George and Mick. John King gave a demo regarding the construction of individual plastic track links and his preferred methods, pictures of which appear on our facebook page.

There was a large number of new purchases in their boxes for members to discuss and look through. Mike brought in the Academy 1/35 King Tiger, a great looking model that seems to be excellent value as it contains PE grills and 2 figures along with the kit. Don had Mini-art's new 1/35 AEC MkII and also in 1/35 Riich Model's Universal carrier Mk1 which is a very busy kit containing a huge number of very detailed parts. John brought in Trumpeter's 2S1 SPG and Peter, Amusing hobby's VK3002.  We are not just an armour club despite the list of new items suggesting such. Colin brought along an old kit still on its sprues, a very quirky 1/50 Puma Helicopter by Heller.  Looking in this box revealed a kit that will be a test to build, lacking internal details and showing some misaligned fuselage halves. However Colin certainly has a good track record of making great models from inauspicious starts so it will be interesting to see this develop. Of models in development on the WIP table Richard had the beginnings of a large diorama set in WWII to be part of the clubs themed Telford display. Brain Smart had a very interesting conversion he is working on based on two old Airfix 2CV kits joined to make one double ended vehicle.


'Citroen Bicephale' - (Translation Two Headed.) A locally produced version of the 2CV by the fire department of the South of France.  It stems from the tale of a forestry worker who came across a fire while driving up a forestry break. Unable to turn around on the thin track he reversed for several kilometers until a turning area was found. To prevent this happening in the future it was decided to join two front ends so if a driver happened apon a fire he could jump out of the forward facing seat and get into the reward facing driving seat and zip back down the forestry break.

Tom Hines brought in a number of completed models including the Rutan Voyager. This has been a long while in the making as the AModel kit took a lot of filling and sanding to get it not only to fit together but to look like the real thing as many parts were not symetrical that should have been. Brian Rose brought in some of his IDF collection that will be posted soon in the members galley.  

It was also nice to welcome back Chris Southwood, one of our younger members who has been away in Bristol studying for his future career. We wish him well for the future but are glad to see him back in Salisbury. He brought along a Harrier and some 1/48 models from Airfix's Herrick range. He was able to get some extreamly accurate advice on the Lynx from our in house expert Tony Cooke. All in a great night of variety.

21 July 13.  Congratulations to 2 Club Members who have taken the plunge and gotten Married this month ( not to each other ).  John King and Ben Wattersley (whose 1/48 Hornet graces the header on this page) will both be sacrificing modelling time to conduct house chores and we wish them well.

19 July 13

As is traditional the club held it's summer BBQ on 16th July in fantastic weather. Attendance was good as few wanted to miss out on Don's culinary skills and most of the night was spent out side chatting over a burger and a soft drink, though the odd beer made an appearance.

Thanks to Don for cooking and Dave for the service too. Some works in progress graced the club tables as well as Trumpeter's Giant 1/35 Geshutzwagen Tiger 'Grille II' 17cm Kanone still in its box from Peter. Most current projects seem directed to the themed display at Telford and Mick has taken on a task as he tries to complete a Hetzer Bergpanzer conversion. Other WIPs were from Brian Rose and Richard, a Merkava and a sci-fi diorama respectively.


17 July 13  New Gallery added for club member Mick Ellis.

11 July 13

Our recent annual show received a few words of review in the latest issue of Airfix Model World courtesy of M Lowe, and a very nice review it is too. Thinking of coming to the show in 2014?  Also of note is we host a junior 'make and take' to allow young model building novices to get to grips with a kit for the first time. Club member Richard Lane does a great job of overseeing the new builders and their parents, passing on tips and helping with the trials of painting and decalling. Models are provided free by Salisbury Model Centre and can be taken home by the builder. This year 12 children worked on Revell's SU47 Berkut or an Airfix multipose figure. Nice to see a few girls at the table too.  

Parking for our show is free too, unusual in this day and age, but visitors will find good parking facilities and marshaling too (Colin Whitehouse conducted this admirably this year). However don't get there to late as the car park is normally full by 11.30 hrs.  You might want to bookmark our dedicated show web page here.

 airfix review

02 July 13

The theme tonight was inspired by our late member 'Phantom' Mick who passed away earlier this year. He made F4s and U-boats so a table was set up for all club members to show their own Subs and Phantoms. Some of Micks models were also on display including his striking Orange German F4.

On the WIP table were many projects but creating a buzz of interest was Colin's conversion of the Wallace and Gromit van. This bright yellow model is set to be one of many at the club's display at Telford this year. 'Rescue, Recovery and Repair' is the theme and Colin's van seems to encompass the lot.

Also finished was Brian Rose's IDF Tiran by Tamiya. We welcomed some new members to the club and a start was made on our members on line gallery which can be viewed at the bottom of this blog.