Club Member build commitments for 2014 'New Years resolutions...

Club members traditionally decide on a kit, be it new, something that has been stuck for many years or a forgotten kit from the stash and pledge to build it in the coming year. Individual 'New Year resolutions' are recorded below and what is the motivation for the choice. 

Name:  Colin Whitehouse Kit: Airfix Merlin HC3

Reason for Choice: Started the Merlin in 2013 for an online group build (the tri -motor group build) but never got it finished. Wants to commit to it and get it done this year.


Name: Mick Myers  Kit:  Chieftain ARV from Tamiya and Accurate armour kits.

Reason for Choice: Has been building a lot of trucks and fancied a change. This model has been in the stash for many years so it’s about time it was worked on.


Name:  Bill Allen Kit: 1/48 Academy CH53 Sea Stallion

Reason for Choice: Needs to reduce stash and this big kit has been in the pile a long time.


Name:  Mike Maidment Kit: Trumpeter 1\35 Waffentrager

Reason for Choice: This was a Christmas present from a friend so it seems right to get on and build it.  Wants to try out a ‘what if’ scheme.


Name:  Dave Berriman  Kit: 1/72 Accuarte armour LCT5 with Churchill tank load.

Reason for Choice: Has had the model a while but as 2014 is the anniversary of D-Day it seems a good reason to tackle it.


Name:  Rick Williams Kit: Trumpeter 1/35 S Tank

Reason for Choice: S tank has already been started and has been a prospect to build since seeing the real things on recent travels. Pictured also is Meng's new Char 2C tank which also looks certain to be completed this year as it has been started with gusto over Christmas.


Name:  Richard Lane Kit: 1/72 Airfix EE Lightening

Reason for Choice: Has wanted to do a lightening for a long time, the recent release by Airfix gives a great opportunity.


Name Dec ‘Sibo’ Sibley:  Kit: Esci M1 Abrams

Reason for Choice: Started this when 17 and never finished it. Model is crude in comparison to newer Abrams offerings but has potential to build into something nice maybe with a twist.


Name:  Richard Clarke Kit: Revell 1/72 U-boat, Academy Humvee, Moebius BSG Viper.

Reason for Choice: 3 kits from 2013 that are part done. Using the New Year’s resolution to provide motivation to finish all 3.


Name:  Don Bartlett Kit: Various and scratch build work to make a model of the picture showing a MKV WWI tank being used in load trials on a WWII Baily bridge. The MKV has a A10 on its back to add to the weight.

Reason for Choice: Has been researching this picture for a long time and has the kits required to make the picture into 3 dimensions, seems appropriate for 2014 due to the WWI link.  

 Name:  Brian Rose Kit: Revell F15 in Israeli air force markings

Reason for Choice: A prolific modeller of IDF vehicles. Brian wants to stick to his interest in Israeli weapon systems but have a change and build an aircraft.  This resolution presents even more of a challenge as the kit needs hunting down before it can even be started.

Name:  Tom Hindess Kit: Revell Blohm and Voss BVP194 scratch conversion.

Reason for Choice: The kit, plus a couple more once tracked down, will be used to make the BVP170, a three engine design that adorns the cover of the ‘Secret projects of the Luftwaffe’ book that has fired up the imagination since purchase.


Name:  Chris Southwood. Kit: Revell 1/144 A350-900

Reason for Choice: The kit was a Christmas present but will have the added challenge of internal lighting


 Name:  Peter James. Kit: Lowe by Amusing Hobby and Char 2 by Meng, 1/35

Reason for Choice: 2 new models that Peter is keen to build so natural choices for building this year.

Name:  Mick Ellis Kit: He111 kit in 1/48 by Monogram

Reason for Choice: The He111 is a favourite aircraft and this old Monogram kit has been in the 'stash' for ever so why not make it the New Year challenge.