Club Nights Oct 13 to Jan 14


17 Dec 13. Our final meeting of this year. HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all members, and those who drop in for a read of the club blog.  Club night was light-hearted, mince pies and warm mulled wine accompanied Richard's  fun quiz. The next blog entry will no doubt be full of Xmas gifts and models started over the break. Till then best wishes and have a happy New Year.

16 Dec 13.  Photo album from SMW at Telford this year and some new entries to Colin Whitehouse's Photo album added.  For SMW click here.

14 Dec 13. This coming Tuesday, 17th is our final meet for 2013. All club members are invited to come along with whatever models they are working on and enjoy some Xmas cheer as mulled wine ( non- alcoholic) and mince pies will be also on display.  The 1st club night of December, on the 3rd was a busy affair with many works in progress evident, some boxed purchases and a demo in detail on Photo etch construction from Mick Ellis.  This was part one as he has promised to return in 2014 with a second demo concerning soldering  photo etch.

As this was the first club night since Bugle call and Middle Wallop there was a number of new purchases to show off. Don had some impressive figures, the SAS trooper in Oman from Mitches Military models especially good. Anyone with an interest in resin figures should really take note of Mitches models as his products are great, many sculpted by the legendary Maurice Corry. Don also had a brace of new books on his favourite topic, British armour. Chris had a T70 kit bearing all the marks of a short run kit- a challenge then, and right after his trials with Zvezda's 251 kit. Colin had an unusual find, a 1/48 Rapide, he seems very pleased in the picture above. Mick Myers brought in another Accurate Armour Antar and trailer, this one in an earlier state of build up so his extra work in the engine area was clearly visible. Other Works in progress appeared from Bill Allen, the Goshawk, Richard Clarke a Mad Max style vehicle conversion and Sibo's 1/18 Flak had some base colour applied. There was even a few models brought in for an update to our gallery section.

11 Dec 13. The report from this year's AGM has been placed in the October archive. Members are reminded of the Extra Ordinary meeting to be held on the first Club night of 2014. Any motions for consideration at that meeting should be forwarded to the Club Chairman by e-mail during December.

01 Dec 13.  Club calendar for 2014 updated.

28 Nov 13. Club members should have received their copy of the newsletter by e-mail, with posted versions on route also. Full reports from Middle Wallop and Bugle call are printed inside, with Richard's report being rather witty.  A folder of photos from Bugle call is here, please click link. The Show is predominately figures and model soldiers as might be expected, but an increasing amount of conventional modelling has appeared at the show since my first attendance 5 years ago. The figure modelling is all with out exception, amazing with some incredibly talented painters showing off their work. This year a higher number of large scale fantasy figures was noted as can be seen in the picture collection, some a bit risqué, but all fine works of modelling art. 2 model kit traders, 1 book trader and a large number of figure traders supported the show as well as traders specialising in tools and accessories. As would be expected from our members some purchasing was done by all, with Don gaining books and kits as well as getting rid of a few. Chris added a new AFV and German Pak in 1/35, both at bargain prices. Sibo felt well pleased with some more unusual Japanese fighting robots.  The show became quieter at about 14.00hrs and the wait for the competition results did seem to take a while.  Salisbury IPMS didn't want to leave any gaps in our display so nothing was entered from our club.  Pack up was swift and in two cars our 4 man group got away with out problem.  In previous years getting out of the car park is slow due to the Rugby supporters also leaving at the same time. No problems this year.  I like Bugle call, it has a different flavour to the more conventional shows and will be back in 2014.


24 Nov 13. This Sunday Salisbury IPMS will be in attendance at two events, The show at AAC Museum, Middle Wallop and 'Bugle Call', the BMSS show at Bath.  Take your choice but either show will be good viewing. The Club Chairman will be at Bath and the Club Sec at Wallop so if your interested in joining our band of modellers come and say hello. 

20 Nov 13. Updates to Brian Rose's Gallery, more IDF vehicles and a Seaking in Bill Allan's Gallery.

05 Nov 13. The club AGM was held tonight, as well as administrating the various tasks required by the IPMS body, other club matters were discussed and ideas for events in 2014 floated. Once these become fully formed an updated events calendar will be published at the foot of this page. 

Modelling wise the theme was Rocket's; be they models' rocket armed, as seen on Bill Allens aircraft, rocket powered as seen in the form of the Me 163 Komet or Roger Ling's massive Saturn V lifter. Or containing weapons boosted by rockets as replicated in the various Soviet AFV's brought along by Mick Ellis.  Finally in an interesting take, Chris Southwood had a tiny open casket of 'Panzerfaust'. While not truly a rocket weapon, in fact a over calibre recoilless projector, it was a nice humorous idea and well done to him for creating something in short order to meet the night's theme.  Works in progress also filled a table with a couple of 'almost made it' rocket themed builds just short of completion.

All club members who make the effort to bring models along each evening should be commended as the very act of transporting these fragile creations is difficult in itself. Roger Doswell brought along a couple of aircraft, his 1/48 Vampire looked very nice in Swiss decals but his in progress Intruder did not fair well in transportation and suffered a lot of damage. Roger seemed up beat and confident that it could be salvaged.


24 Oct 13. Some tidying up of the site, archiving done and old newsletters added too. IPMS Salisbury will be displaying at Yeovilton FAA museum on Saturday 26 October.

15 Oct 13. Tonight's main focus was to ensure adequate preparation for IPMS Salisbury's table at the IPMS Nationals at Telford.  A photo montage is published here, however to keep the display a surprise and to ensure it is received fresh to visitors at the show, I have not taken any further pictures. A folder will be completed after the event.

A few works in progress appeared, a 1/48 Lightning from Colin, A finished Panzer II from Sibo now awaiting a diorama base, some figures and a BMP2 from Chris and some more figures from Richard.  The BMP from Chris is being finished in a scheme seen on a popular computer game, a faded light green with heavy rust. Richard's Templers Knight was a figure painted for charity at the recent Salisbury Arts Festival. Sandy brought along a finished F-84G. The finish was exemplary and the wealth of decal markings applied perfectly.  Our next evening is the AGM and in the spirit of November the 5th- Rocket night.


1st Oct 13. A good night of banter with a few projects reaching completion including Mick's Recovery Hetzer in an unusual camouflage scheme that caused my camera's auto focus a lot of bother. The club's silent auction was well received with a lot of books present this year too.

The main event was Club Chairman Richard's introduction to Miniart's Vac formed buildings. A number of members have dabbled in these kits some a lot of tips were exchanged. Richard Lane brought in 3 Shermans in 1/72 scale to allow members to compare the quality of Plastic Soldier Company's quick build kits intended for war gaming. The detail was impressive and the value for money seemed high.