EGM report and vote results.


Minutes of the IPMS Salisbury EGM held on 7th January 2014 at Dennis Marsh House.


Present:           Richard Clarke. Chairman.


                        Peter James. Hon. Sec.


                        Steve Saville. Hon. Tres.


                        20 members of the club.


An introduction was made by the Chairman. It was emphasised that all plans and decisions about the club were to be from this date forward and that decisions made in the past should not influence the meeting.

A caveat for all expenditure was announced and it was agreed that all expenditure should be subject to sufficient funds being available.

The annual model show would take priority for all funding.

 The Hon. Tres. is to report at regular intervals on the state of our finances and that a financial review is to be carried out annually before the AGM. 



That a show allowance of £15.00 per vehicle should be paid as a retrospective travel costs contribution.

To qualify, you must man the display for a reasonable period.

Display models as part of the club's display.

Transport display items to and / or from the show.

Help to set up and / or clear away the display.


Any one of these criteria will qualify for a payment.


In addition, where practical, two members should arrange to share transport so as to reduce costs. A payment will be made to the driver only.-Agreed.


That for the Telford International Show, a fuel allowance of £30.00 should be paid per vehicle. The conditions are as above, with the addition that any member volunteering to assist the main IPMS Show Committee in the running of the main event shall also qualify for payment.

For Telford, an accommodation allowance of £30.00 per night for a maximum of two nights hotel shall be payable under the conditions set out above. Accommodation to be booked by the individual member. -Agreed.


That the committee should be able to spend up to £30.00 on any one expenditure on behalf of the club without consulting the membership.  -Agreed.


That the club should fund individual membership of the main IPMS. -Rejected.


That additional family members should pay £5.00 membership.-Rejected.




A meal is to be booked at the Thai Orchid, Fisherton Street, Salisbury on a club night in April. There will be a fixed price menu. A deposit of £10.00 is required on booking by individual members. On arrival at the venue, this will be refunded by the Hon. Tres. A cash bar will be in operation.

This may become an annual event subject to available funds.

Any Other Business.


A draft constitution and rules for the club will be composed by the committee and submitted to the members for approval.

Advance notice of claims for allowances for shows is required by the Hon. Tres. to allow for financial planning. This will form part of the list compiled by the Chairman when planning show attendance.

A minimum funding level of £3,000.00 will be maintained by the Hon.Tres. at the AGM, prior to subscriptions for the next year being collected. This will ensure both the financial security of the club and the following year's show.

Travel and accommodation allowances for both Bugle Call and Telford in 2013 will be paid on request.


Event and Public Liability insurance for non IPMS members for our show is to be investigated. The probable costs and benefits are to be investigated.   Action: Richard Lane.


A firm decision on a possible theme for Telford is to be decided as part of the general club business on the meeting on 4th February 2014.  Action: All.


The newsletter will be published monthly in an electronic format for emailing to all members.

For those without email, a combined bimonthly edition will be maintained as a hard copy.  Action: Hon. Sec.


Meeting closed: 21.35 hours.