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06 Dec 14 Mick Ellis, Bill Allan, Peter James, Dave Berriman and Brian Smart all attended SMW this year on the 8th/9th November. While Peter attended to the normal IPMS matters, the ever stalwart Mick represented the club by taking on duties at the kit swap. Pictures from the event are here.

08 Nov 14 More entries to the 'club in house show' album, Richard Clarke, Nick Williamson and Paul Capon

04Nov 14  AGM held tonight. Minuets from this meeting will be posted on site in due course.

02 Nov 14 More entries to the 'club in house show' from Peter James, Ray and Brian Rose,

29 Oct 14  The in house club display was held on 21st October. Many members took the opportunity to put on a display of their own work, the first few pictures are here in a dedicated album with more to follow.

26 Oct 14Bill Allen, Chris Southwood, Roger Doswell, Richard Clarke and new member Nick Williamson travelled to the Fleet Air Arm Museum’s model show on Saturday 25th October. 

The club had three tables to display a varied collection of models, Bill brought along a selection of US Navy planes, Nick had an assortment of aircraft including a couple of Fireflys, Chris displayed some ships, armour and commercial aircraft and Richard finished the display off with a selection of figures. Richard spent the day building a Mark IV tank by Takom which attracted interest from visitors and kept Richard busy answering questions while kit building. There has been some rumour that this was the last Model show to be held at Yeovilton but it was confirmed that there will be another show next year on February 21st.

10 Oct 14 Club night on Tues the 7th was well attended with a couple of new prospective members, Nick Williamson and Paul Capon. Nick arrived with an appropriate calling card, an excellently finished FAA Firefly in 1/48 by Grand Phoenix ( now released by AZ Models). A multi media kit it was an impressive debut to introduce himself to the club.

Other than that, finished models were thin on the tables, A Tamiya Panzer II from Peter James, 2 Stealth fighters from Dragons 'Golden Wings' series in 1/144 by Milan and a Phantom from Steve Saville. WIPs were better supported as well as some kits to view in their boxes. 

Brian Smart had 2 Dornier Do 215's to show, the B2 and 4 models. Dave Berriman talked through the interesting Italeri Stirling and pointed out a few odd traits that the kit exhibited. Mick Ellis had another odd glazed German aircraft, the FW 189, in the build stage. 


The Alien sat at the end of the table in part painted form alongside Bill Allan's V22 Osprey that will not be started till 2015, with Chris Southwood bring along a part completed diorama featuring an Airfix Auster and a Zulu warrior, creating in model form the text from a Biggles book also on display. The committee read through notices with a reminder of the AGM on the 4th Nov (see below regarding submissions for consideration).  The night was then handed over to Richard for a slide show report on his June trip to Normandy.


05 Oct 14 Thank you to those club members who submitted entries to Salisbury Model Centre's Window display to help raise funds for the Army Benevolent fund (ABF). They'll remain on display till mid November and for those who didn't submit a model there is always the opportunity to vote and enter the draw also in aid of the ABF.

23 Sept 14 Notes for the upcoming AGM. All members are asked to read and comply so that the actual AGM does not become bogged down in other matters.  If you have a burning issue, request or point to raise Please submit as early as possible to allow the committee to prepare an answer. Members are advised to refer back to last years AGM and the EGM of Jan 7th, both stored in the Oct to Jan 14 Blog Archive.

The committee write:-

The AGM: This will be held on 4th November.

N.B. To avoid a long dragged out meeting, items for discussion / resolution will be limited to the agenda only. Most long term plans for the club were decided at the EGM in January, so if you wish to raise any points, please tell me before 15th October and I will include them in the agenda. After this point the agenda will be finalised and adhered to!  Proposed agenda so far:-

Proposed Agenda for the 2014 AGM of IPMS Salisbury. 20.00hrs. 4/11/2014

1] Apologies for absence. 2] Minutes of the 2013 AGM for approval.

3] Officers Reports: Chairman.     Hon. Sec.    Hon. Tres.  4] Acceptance of the officers’ reports.

5] Election of committee for 2015

6] 2015 Model Show update report. To include suggestions for invited attendees.

a] Publicity co-ordinator  b] Display co-ordinator  c] Club sales co-ordinator & administration of sales

7] Motions for consideration.

a] Labels b] Articles for the newsletter

8] 2015 calendar of events.

Suggestions & offers;

Should we offer a small, non-monetary, prize for the best entry on theme nights?

Naval Aviation


9] Telford 2015, Themed? If so, what?

10] Date of 2015 AGM: Tuesday 3/11/2015 

12 Sept 14 Last Club night theme was 'Nuclear' with a wide scope for anything armed, carrying, powered by or just on the receiving end. To that end we had a fair number of unusual models displayed. In 1/72 Dave Berriman brought along his Thor missile on Tactical erector towed by a Leyland Hippo as well as the smaller 'Honest John' on it's launcher.  Bill Allan as expected brought along USN aircraft, all armed with Nuclear weapons. We had 1/48 A4-B Skyhawk 'Blue blaster', AH1 Skyraider from USS Ticonderoga, AJ-2 Savage and a A3J-1 Vigilante 'Smoking Tigers'. Also in 1/48 and of US origin Brian Rose brought along an F100D with Mk43 Tactical Nuke as well as a CF104G also with a Mk43. With regard to nuclear powered and breaking away from the submarines on the table Milan had a sci-fi model equipped with Nuclear engines; the Sulaco from Aliens. Finally celebrating a world of Zombies following a nuclear holocaust, Richard had a couple of his converted 1/24 car kits. Richard has made these a bit of a signature item, having assembled quite a few this year. The Shelby Mustang 350 in red with its blonde driver/ Zombie killer is a revel kit that was missing any clear sprues. Rather than bin it, it now has a suitably post apocalyptic mesh replacement to its windows as well as Bull bars and extra lights.



With 18 Members in attendance there was also much to see on the 'WIP' table. John King had Dragons M48 which he reports is a great kit.  Richard presented an un-started WWI Tommy from Mitches models. He also had a Bentley Blower diorama that is shown in the previous blog entry. Newest member Angus brought in a small offering, 1/35 figure in winter dress that he is using to develop his figure painting skills. Peter James displayed a neat version of Italeri's LCVP in 1/35 scale.


09 Sept 14 I have been busy of late so will add the report from the Club's Nuclear night in the next day or two, however I will put up tonight a picture taken during the night of Richard, the club chairman's, latest 'Found vehicle' diorama. The evening light in the scout hall where we meet is harsh and makes taking pictures of the models brought along quite difficult. Every now and then though a picture comes out really well and the following picture really does look the part. The model is still a work in progress.

27 August Latest Club newsletter was distributed on 21st August, If you haven't received a copy please e-mail the club Secretary. Congratulations to Tom Hines for winning the rather challenging Quiz.

17 Aug 14 Small additions to the blog today, and look forward to Tuesday the 19th. Club quiz night so bring along a pencil and fully functioning brain.


15 Aug 14 A busy and varied night on the 5th with 2 tables devoted to WWI plus Ray having an additional table displaying his Military memorabilia including cap badges from WWI to the present day. Other contributors were Sibo with an Emhar Male WIP as well as Peter, also with many Emhar AFV's some in captured markings. Richard Clarke and Mick Maidment brought in a number of figures, mostly from Tommy's war although Mick showed what could be done if the poor figures from Emhar are worked on and given a decent paint job. Mick Ellis and Richard Lane added some aircraft to the mix too.  John Hazel arrived to say good bye as a house move will see him leave us. He brought along a new Airfix 1/24 Typhoon in it's box as well as a Revell 1/24 Schlingmann LF 20/16 German Fire engine, brilliantly finished by brush painting.

Other non- WWI models included Bill's CH53 New Year resolution build looking about finished, Richard Clarke had another Zombie hunting car kit bash as well as a Bentley Blower diorama in progress and a rusted VW Beetle. Mick Ellis finally finished the Special Hobby 1/48 HE 115 float plane that has tasked him for quite a few months. Sibo also displayed a diorama WIP based around the early Academy MUTT offering based on the Tamiya molds. The Committee spoke on the club's attendance at Durrington fate and the recent Sarum Steam gala as well as looking forward to Avon model show on the 10th.  Sibo also provisionally spoke on a fund raising initiative through Salisbury Model Centre for the Army Benevolent Fund which will involve models from the club. More details on this are set to follow.


Club sec Peter James's comments on the Sarum Steam Gala, "We were invited to attend this two day event. Richard C, Chris S. John H, Dave B. and myself attended on the Saturday, with Milan, Chris S, Richard C, and myself on the Sunday. This gave us a change of display over the two days.

            Saturday was a little quiet, possibly due to the weather, but Sunday saw far more exhibits outside plus far more people attending this free show. Some of us took the opportunity to do some practical modelling and this helped to break the ice re conversation with visitors. There were some other very nice model exhibits in the pavilion as well as us, plus an N. gauge railway layout. On the Sunday we were also entertained by “Distant Echoes”, a group playing 60’s music, which I at least appreciated! Outside there were traction engines, both full size and model, vintage vehicles, a car boot sale plus a fun fair. The organisers seemed happy with this, their first show. I also received some very nice compliments from visitors as to both the quality and variety of our display." 


03 Aug 14 Next club night on Tuesday has a WWI theme so expect to see many Tommy's war Figures and Emhar tanks, but hopefully a few other oddities too. We bade fare well to Roger at the Club BBQ, and hope to see Colin on the 5th to wish him farewell too as he leaves for 3 years due to work. A great and prolific modeller we look forward to his return in 2017!  There were a few models on display at the BBQ but some 1:1 scale re-modelling was far more interesting as both Don and Brian Rose had some new modifications to their cars to show off.  Unfortunately a bit more than super glue and Milliput will be needed to fix them.


Today is the second day of the Sarum Steam gala at Salisbury Rugby club. The Club has a table with members showing of their models at the event. Pop by for a chat, the event has free entry and a host of other things to do including a beer tent. And as its right next to Sarum castle and the Harvester Restaurant it could be just the excuse for a cheap day out.

24 July 14 A bit of catching up tonight with notes from 1st July's club night and the attendance of Small Space 3 by Sibo and Richard. The delay to updates rests solely with the fact that for the 3rd time in as many months Flikr has changed how its photo albums operate and that is annoying when what should take 20 minuets ends up taking an hour plus trying to work out how to do things a new way.  The first night of July was a theme night under the title 'Big Cats'. The usual suspects appeared, Tigers, Panthers and F14 Tomcats as well as more rarer items such as US Navy Cougars, Panthers and Tigers, Fleet air arm Wildcats, Modern AAC Lynxes and Pumas.  The theme continued with even more remote links to the big cat theme as Brian brought in a T72 in Iraqi markings- 'the LION of Babylon' and IDF vehicles. As well as the themed table a few new builds were under progress, a Tommy's war figure by Mick Maidment and a completed Zvezda TOPOL by Mick Myers shown in the process of launching its missile.



The visit to Small Space 3 involved a 2 hour drive to Hanslope near Milton Keynes for a small show focused entirely on Sci-fi models. While small it was very well attended and had exhibitors from the BBC effects department and some of the UK's Sci-fi and fantasy SIGs. There was a lot of models from TV and Films present as well as some full size props including a UNIT Landrover. We also bumped into John, a one time member of Salisbury IPMS exhibiting with the Sci-fi SIG.  The price of models at the event was a little high reflecting their collectability rather than buildabilty, and purchases were limited to Books ( Sibo) and tools ( Richard ). Certainly a show worth one visit but probably would not appeal to the dedicated club aircraft or AFV enthusiast.

15 July 14 BBQ night tonight. Updates to the site today also. New Album for Club Treasurer Steve and additions to Bill's and John's albums too.

08 July 14 Calendar of events updated. Next Club meeting on 15th July has a French Theme for the models and BBQ for the food. A few members will be leaving the club so come along for BBQ, and to say farewell.


26 June 14 In the May newsletter the Hon Sec asked if any traders had comments regarding the escalating price of kits,  I guess only one member of the club can submit thoughts on that matter, clicking here will give some explanation on why the recent hike in prices has come about.


24 June 14 65 photos have been uploaded into a Flikr folder giving a small taste of IPMS Salisbury's 2014 model show. View them here. Calendar of events updated till end of September.


11 June 14 Gallery additions to Bill, Brian, Sibo, Pete and Richards albums.  Any member wanting an Album created get in touch with Sibo to arrange during a club meeting.


03 June 14 Tuesdays club meeting focused heavily on the post show report. Little time was available for other matters but a fuller report will appear soon including work in progress pics. As per the events listing, next club meeting has the theme - BIG CATS.  Members are asked to make an effort to support the theme. Richard Clake won the Revell competition for the second year running. Congratulations. Those members who took a 'Wish list' sheet from Sibo are asked to fill them out ready for collection next club night. More lists will be available on the second club night in June but this will be the final chance to put down your wants, I'm keen for this to not drag on for ever. A full table will be put up on this site and in the newsletter for interest, so why not add your wishes?


31 May 14
A successful 2014 show today at Wyvern Collage, more details, pictures and links will appear as members submit over the next few days.  Some housekeeping has been done and a new Archive created.


30 May 14 Congratulations to Club Shield Winner for 2014, Mick Myers.  His winning model 'Playing in the Mud' and the Memorial Shield will be on display at the club stand throughout tomorrow's show. All details here.

12 May 14

IPMS Salisbury has been in attendance of a number of shows over the past few months, with Gloucester being attended on Sunday 11th May.  Prior to this the club displayed at ModelKraft, a large model show held on the campus at Milton Keynes. John Hazel, Roger Doswell, Bill Allen, Sibo and Richard Clarke all managed to make the trip and had a range of models on show. An album of pictures taken at the event is here.


09 May 14 A busy club night on Tues 6th May with models covering the discussion area, Works in progress and many finished models too. On the finished area Brian Rose had two AFV's, an IDF Magach 6B from Academy and the Hobbyboss CV90 finished in Afghan service. Sibo had a Cyberhobby SeaKing remarked for HMS Ark Royal. Club Chairman, Richard presented his 1/32 Heinkel 111 in novel fashion by chopping off the wings and having it in a renovation setting. A great way to save space. To save time he also had 4x 120mm Mitch Model resin Figures but finished in a Bronze effect that looked most fetching. On the tables many new kits were piled: Don had AFV Club's Matador, Roger Doswell a T-2 Buckeye in 1/32. Mick another unusual Soviet item in resin, a Scud A ss1. Chris Southwood also became the owner of a Trumpeter M1A1 from John on the night. Part builds were presented by Peter James, Chris, Mick Myers Mick Ellis Steve and Milan. Mick's 1/72 Topol from Zvezda was a big kit in a box that would suit a 1/35 tank.

27 Apr 14 IPMS Salisbury will be attending Milton Keynes Modelkraft 2014 on Sunday. A big event worth the travelling distance from Wiltshire.

21 April 14 Jon Moore is still a participating club member despite a house move that means he can no longer make club nights on a Tuesday evening. He does still make the annual show as well as conversing with a number of club members by e-mail and telephone. He has provided here a couple of pictures of his latest model, the AFV Club 1/35 scale Dieppe Churchill. Jon found the track construction rather challenging, and was tempted to bin the whole model as too complex for his not so delicate fingers. However the research conducted on the failed attempt by the allies to land at Dieppe showed that a suitable pebble beach diorama base could hide the area of trackwork that Jon was un-happy with and put the Churchill into its historic context. A wary German soldier is portrayed checking out the stricken vehicle a day after the failed 'Operation Jubilee' that was conducted on 19th August 1942.


15 April 14 17 members of the club met up at the Thai Orchid restaurant in Salisbury and had a great social gathering over a delicious menu. Dave Berriman just made it after a long journey through traffic, but unfortunately the 18th  club member who wished to dine, Steve Savill was unable to turn up.  While he wished to spend the evening with the Model club members he could hardly not turn up at the Network Rail and SW trains event at which he was being honoured with an award for out standing service to the railways. Well done Steve!

7th April 14 The first meeting of April fell on the first day of the month and was a busy night. Another new member attended, Ray has started modelling British vehicles as a reminder of his own service with HMF many years ago. He had a very varied career so is interested in heli's, armour and artillery and has yet to start Trumpeter's AS90 that he recently purchased. Other WIPS were in evidence and one or two completed models too. Don's progress on his WWI tank was evident, as always his meticulous attention to detail was visible reflecting all the research he has carried out on this project. Mick Myers had a long dio under construction, a clever attempt to use the left over hull from an Accurate Armour conversion.  Brian Rose had a very impressive F15 underway, the airbrushed camouflage was outstanding, Mick Ellis and Chris Southwood also had projects in construction. Apologies if I missed anyone else.

The reading of notices and confirmation of the club dinner (see events calendar for 17 names attending.  Arrive not before 19.00hrs. Co-ordinating reminder will be e-mailed by Club Chairman or ring Sibo at Shop), was followed by a silent auction and a third demo in a row.

The silent auction was perhaps the largest one seen at the club hall, with books and kits in abundance. The stashes on offer reflected the sellers interests and we had some unusual American civil aircraft from Brian Smart, Figures from Richard Clarke, Russian 1/35 armour from Peter James and big scale planes from Roger Doswell. A flurry of activity was seen after the demo finished and the time to pack away arrived, with most members succumbing to a purchase, or replacing one model that they wanted to get rid off for one they probably didn't really need. I know I fell into that category. Richard Clarke was the demonstration master tonight, using Magic sculpt 2 part epoxy putty he showed his technique for creating tarpaulins, adding one to his VW Samba Zombie killer. All in a cram packed evening. The next events are a show in Poole hosted by Poole Vikings and at the REME museum. This is the second time that a model show has been held at the REME museum and it represents a great day out as your ticket gets you the whole museum collection as well as the modelling event.  Details and location are here. REME Model Show 13 April

25 Mar 14 Tuesday the 18th was another demo night, this time from Colin showing some airbrush equipment, paint set up, finding the sweet spot and simple cleaning. It was a very interesting lesson and also revealing to watch how someone else tackled the problems all airbrush users face. It certainly has made me review how much I strip and assemble my brush after normal use. Thanks go out to Colin for taking the time to prepare for this as he had brought in a lot of equipment.

as well as finished models from Brian Smart, 2 silver jets in two differing sizes. A Mig 15 and a Northrop flying wing. Milan brought along his finished Cylon warrior complete with working 'eye'. He created a small circuit board to make the red LED move back and forth. This is accessible by lifting of the head's crown which is held in place by small magnets. Peter had another paper panzer and Brian a BMP1.  

17 Mar 14 A reminder that tomorrow's meeting will have Colin Whitehouse demonstrating his Airbrush techniques. He recommends bringing a face mask for tonight's demo! Don't forget it the last opportunity to book in for the dinner night in April.

12Feb 14 A couple of pictures from last week's club night on 4th March. As well as welcoming new members and running through future events the main event for the night was a talk and demo on 'Deluxe materials' products that may be of use to club members. 'Deluxe materials' have a wide range of products, a high number dedicated to R/C modelling, however  Sibo brought in a number of items that covered snow modelling, water modelling, rusting effects, gap filling and landform creation.  A couple of dioramas were used to show the effects possible and samples handed around the room. Colin Whitehouse is next up with a demo on airbrushing pencilled in for the next club night on 18th March.

5 Feb 14 Yesterday's club night was very well attended with 23 regulars and 2 new prospective members. A fuller report will be posted over the weekend once pictures are obtained. The Club dinner night list has been updated on the calendar of events.

24 Feb 14 One extra late entrant to the 'New Year resolution' Challenge- Mick Ellis has his submission added to the Resolution page. 

23 Feb 14 Tues 18th Feb saw 14 members attend club night at the Scout hall. The main event was 2 slide presentations by Bill Allan focusing on the many aircraft he has witnessed while at shows in the US. These were a bit more colourful than his preferred subject of US Navy aircraft and provided some interest.  The WIP table had only a few models this time, a diorama from Chris Southwood using Miniart Vac-form buildings along with his Dragon Pak97/38. Richard Clarke's lit up 1/24 dio also showed more construction with a scratch built skip complete with junk doubling as a battery holder for the light inside the ISO container.


Richard Lane brought in more of the Plastic Soldier Company models he is working on including the Churchill's intended to fill Dave Berriman's LCT. To inspect Don brough in another Miniart offering, the AEC MIII armoured car in 1/35 scale.  A number of completed models also appeared including Bill's already made New Years resolution. Unfortunately I only gained a picture of Mick's Surcouf, the French submarine of WWII that has a most interesting history. The kit is 1/350 scale from Hobbyboss and has very great detail including some fine PE railings. After some research Mike completed the model in a Prussian Blue finish.

17 Feb 14 A new members picture gallery is posted, John King has 4 pictures uploaded. Additional housekeeping has been done on the Club calendar.  Club meeting tomorrow, with a slide show from Bill Allan.

10 Feb 14 A far busier night at the first meeting in February despite the miserable weather with a higher number of Models and works in progress on display than in January. Rick Williams, Bill Allan, Mike Myers, Richard Clarke and Peter James all had models in various states of completion, a number of which were 'new year resolutions'. At least some members will meet the self imposed deadline. Mike Maidment, John King and Steve Savill all brought along finished models with John soon to be the next club member with a gallery.  Club notices were run through with co-ordination for Yeovilton done and a hand out was given for booking in to the April Dinner night. Returns can be handed to Sibo or Richard Clarke up to the 18 March, and a list will follow on this page. The night's main event was a talk by George Fleming titled 'Modelling the problem' and focused on model props in theatre and teaching and the relationship with scale modellers.

26 Jan 14 New pictures from Club members in their respective galleries uploaded today.

24 Jan 14

Back to more normal events on Tuesday evening with 11 members attending for the usual tea, coffee display and inspect. Mick Ellis, Brian Rose and Richard Clarke had a few finished models in the display category, pictures of which will be added into their respective galleries soon. Only a couple of Works in progress for the inspect: Peter James had a Tamiya 1/35 scale Jagdpanther in grey primer and Chris Southwood more of his 1/144 civilian airliners. He also brought along a ‘fine scale modeler’ modelling publication on building civilian airliners full of tips and build articles.  Also for inspection Sibo had an ultra lightweight 4 channel R/C Spitfire and a couple of very old Airfix 1/32 vintage cars, a 1911 Rolls Royce and 1904 Mercedes.  Mick Ellis was able to cast a knowing eye over the Spitfire as he is a serious r/c flyer as well as plastic modeller.  Mick also brought along a box of kits to sell on behalf of a friend and a few decent bargains were to be had.  The second half of the evening was a slide presentation from Peter on The Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson a site that contains weapons ranging from biblical cannon to medieval siege mortars, WWII SPG and search lights to captured Iraqi artillery and ‘Super gun’.  This ran straight into a look back at last year’s ‘Wings and Wheels show’ at Dunsford (the Top gear test track location and former air station) with slides of vintage cars, military vehicles and a variety of flying machines including Gnat, Provost, Fury, Hunter and Swordfish.

15 Jan 14 The EGM report and the voting decisions regarding proposals has been uploaded to the Oct to Jan 14 archive page.

12 Jan 14 All members resolutions are posted. If any one else wants to jump in with a 2014 commitment to build let me know as soon as possible. See them all here. New Year resolutions.

10 01 14. The first declarations of intent have been posted, more to come. New Year resolutions.

07 Jan 14.  HAPPY NEW YEAR.  The first meeting of 2014 was a serious and important discussion regarding finances and renewing the club charter.  While there was varied views and some disagreement each proposal was voted on and the majority decision carried therefore we can continue into the new year with a content club. The more fun business of committing to build - each members own modelling 'new years resolution' was also logged and a folder will appear soon.