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16 Dec 15 Race night, fuelled by Mulled wine and yule logs was a great success and fun was had by all. A detailed report will be published in next years newsletter for those interested in the benefits of Battery power over clockwork, or indeed over Sodium and H2O powered car.  On the night 10 models were able to take pride of place on the entry line up, with the wheeled category being well supported by 7 vehicles. A picture album will follow but till then the results were. Best turned out Racer:- Sibo with a converted Chinese APC. Fastest Tracked vehicle winner: Mick Ellis with a Type 90 Japanese tank in go faster colours. The wheeled winner was Nick Williams and his Lambo'.


15 Dec 15 TONIGHT IS RACE NIGHT! Come along with your completed racers or just to watch the mayhem.  On arrival any model for the race should be placed on the prepared display table for voting prior to the race start. Happy Christmas.

03 Dec 15


  • Two classes 1. Wheeled. 2. Tracked
  • Run as a series of heats, each winner goes on to next heat repeated until there is a clear winner in each class.
  • Wheeled Class will be run over a 6m marked straight run. First to cross the finish line wins.
  • Tracked Class will be run over a 6m marked run with a single inclined obsticle half way along course. First to cross the finish line wins.
  • Prior to any racing all enterants will be placed on a viewing table to allow voting for the best turned out model.
  • All competing vehicles must be self propelled ( Battery or clockwork)
  • Basic repairs allowed once contest starts, Battery changing between races is not permitted.
  • Standing starts only. A false start will result in a re-run. 2 false starts will lead to disqualification.

16 Nov 15 A New Gallery Album has been added in the Gallery section for club member Nick Williamson.

16 Nov 15 The AGM was attended by 24 members and saw new Secretary, Christopher Southwood alongside Chairman Richard Clarke.  Next years Show date was set as 4th June 2016 and Dave Berriman will over see press releases for the event. Anyone with submissions for the next newsletter is asked to have e-mailed Richard by 20th November. In addition to AGM business a prospective new member attended, Todd Gobel-Dale from the USA who will be residing in Salisbury for the next few years.

Another relatively new member, Paul Sercombe brought along a nicely turned out Iraqi T72. Mick Ellis showed current progress on his Rapier diorama, and admitted a lot of midnight oil would be needed to get it finished for Telford. (I am pleased to report he did get it done in time).

03 Nov 15 AGM tonight, all members are politely asked to attend. If you have a motion for consideration not already included in the Agenda (sent to Private e-mail addresses) please e-mail the chairman before 16:00hrs today.

26 Oct 15 The two meetings of October have seen much activity. As well as the usual reveal of models, built, bought or in-progress there has been attendance at the Tank museum model show so a pre-show display was organised by Richard the Club chairman to ensure a good range of models would be present. The biggest news however was that Peter James our Club secretary for many, many years would be stepping down as he was moving away to Norfolk.  In an un-expected show of 'Good bloke-iness' Chris Southwood volunteered to take on the Secretary's role. We all wish him well in the role, and ask all members to support him as he finds his feet. To Peter we also wish him well and to show our appreciation the Club presented him with a framed print of the Vulcan bomber flying over Lincoln. The painting is by well known aviation artist Patricia Forrest.

The meetings through October have been free from themes and the first meeting of October revealed some oddities. Mick Ellis brought in a Leonardo Da Vinci clock from Academy. Built as a break from his gruelling run of Resin Soviet SPAA vehicles it actually works using weights to propel ratchet cogs. How accurate the time is was debateable as the weight is crucial to getting the device to operate and Mick was re-adjusting the clock constantly which was quite interesting as the movement was more obvious when the weight was too heavy and time was sped up.

Brain Smart brought along a 'Sky ray' in a dark finish with NATC decals, Paul Capon some more Russian tanks in various scales in his own style of finish. He spoke about the difficulties in transferring the style as the scale of the vehicle became larger probably having 1/48 as the biggest tank that he'll settle for when adopting his GW paint finish. Richard Clarke's output never lets up with another 1/24 vehicle. He has tackled the Revell VW camper before but this time it was less customised and finished in a more rusted style along with a nice resin figure. Later in the month packed tables appeared again with many WIP's. 

As photo's of many have appeared earlier in the year only a couple are shown here, Milan returned after work has kept him away and showed progress on his Millennium Falcon part work. It is big! Nic Williams has a Vac-form Scimitar underway.

Richard has yet more Zombie apocalypse ideas this time seeing 3 different cars being morphed into one vehicle. Alongside his stash Ray had a stash of helicopters though he is undecided about which to start next as every time he decides something new appears to tempt him, his CH53 an example as it was only a week old. Sibo had a completed diorama with a Leopard 2 on exercise and Chris also with a re-worked dio combining his now finished King Tiger and some Miniart buildings. Brian Rose also had a Leopard but the 'One' in SFOR markings. A couple of aircraft were also on the finished models table. Bill Allan has completed his 1/48 Osprey and prospective new member Phill Loughlin brought along an SU25 Frogfoot made from the Kopro kit.

19 Oct 15 A couple of pictures of Bill Allan's latest US aircraft have been added to his Album in the Members Picture Gallery.

Tomorrow's club night on the 20th is the second meet of October and will be significant, Dave Berriman's slide show will be held over until 2016. All members should try and come along. 

01 Oct 15 The club events calendar has been updated till the end of this year. See bottom of page or click link above.

30 Sept 15 This month has flown by, but being that the days fall in an odd way it is a bit of a gap from the last meeting until the first one in October, which will be on the 5th. The final meet of September was a theme night, 'Wheels' which in theory could have meant anything, as ships have steering wheels and Aircraft have undercarriages but club members played the game and brought in models that stayed true to topic. Peter James, Brian Rose and Richard had the biggest collections.  Richard's Zombie cars get a lot of outings at present, and his converted 1/24 truck looked great.

At the other end of the table and also showing signs of extra detailing are Mick Myers' Trucks which have the pneumatic hoses and cab details added to the Italeri kits. These big 1/24 models dominated the table, dwarfing the 1/35 cannon and Pak's brought in by Peter. Also in 1/35 were a large number of Wheeled APC's brought in by Brian Rose.


There was a good handful of work in progress projects on display, some which fitted the night's topic. Most interesting were two renditions of the LINCOLN, a failed concept car that later found fame as The Batmobile. Since then a newsletter has been sent out and all members are asked to think ahead to the AGM and filling the club committee posts. With October around the corner and darker, longer , colder nights on the way hopefully model productivity might increase as well as any last minute work needed for Telford exhibits. If you haven't been able to come along recently to the bi-monthly meetings and want to travel up to Telford as a club member in a minibus please speak to Richard Clarke or E-mail him.

16 Aug 15 I noticed a few pictures un-posted from the last couple of club nights so thought a little text and updates wouldn't hurt.

Nic's well turned out Swordfish from Tamiya in 1/48 scale with Photo etch rigging.

Chris Southwood's 1/35 Matlida in the shadow of Don's 1/25 Chieftain. Both these models are from Tamiya though Don has reworked a large amount of his model.

Alongside the works in progress table which had Landrovers galore from Brian Rose, a new purchase A7V from Peter James,  1/144 Civil airline from Chris who's modelling pendulum is swing back from all the Armour he has recently done to completing some aircraft again with Sibo's FISTV having diorama work attended to.  Also a refreshingly different presentation of the Airfix King Henry VIII by Rick Williams

29 July 15 Detail added for the club Christmas event added in the column below. click here. 

21 July 15 Tonight is club night, and with no theme there should be a varied selection of things to look at dependant on who turns up.  Attendance can be sporadic over the summer as other chores take attention such as mowing the lawn. The turn out of finished models drops too as it is too hot to be sat in a model room ( man cave) hunched over an airbrush, however the past month did see some activity. Richard as always has been super busy, combining military, civil, diorama and zombie models for an interesting scene of post apocalypse mayhem. A first for him is rigging up a few electronics to have the rooms of his building lit by LEDs initiated by a motion sensor. 

The club theme night 'Water Bourne' allowed anything with a water or naval link to be displayed- Carried on, under or over water- being the tag line.  There was surprisingly few Ships, but a lot of naval aircraft.

We also had 'Russian' night which was incredibly well attended with more models on display than have been seen for a long time. Tanks took up 3 tables with many from Peter James and Mick Myers as well as Tracked AAA from Mick Ellis. A fair number of aircraft. Rick Williams had some beautiful dioramas, Sibo some Space related items from the USSR's Vostok programme. Unfortunately the strong sunlight through the club room windows made pictures of all that Red Star stuff poor, so I've not included them here. Don's long term project reached a milestone. His 1/25 Chieftain project has been primed in Bronze Green.  The work on this model is outstanding. The turret has been weighted to counter the scratch built brass barrel.  

05 June 15 Show photos can be seen here,

05 June 15 The Club can sigh with relief, the 2015 Show went well despite some last minuet changes behind the scenes. And the debrief (thank you all members who attended) proved that the formula still works so more the same next year.  Sadly some extra work was created after a trader decided to put his bag of rubbish into the school hedge rather than take it home. The trader will know who he is, it is a shame we don't as his invite wouldn't be renewed. A fuller show report and pictures will follow this weekend.  The competition was low on entries but high on standard. As is normal, no member of the club enters to ensure the contest is totally fair and free from question. Because of that we hold our own 'in house' contest which ran on 19th May. 

Well done to Brian Rose for winning.

Part 2 of the Kraftwork show album has been uploaded here  :- 

13 May 15 Four club members traveled up to Kraftwork, the Milton Keyens Model show on 26th April. As always it was a well supported show which i'm sure I didn't see everything of.  

The Club stand had 1/48 Aircraft and 1/35 soviet AA vehicles from Mick Ellis, USN helicopters and planes from Bill Allan, Zombies, rusty cars and figures from Richard and Dioramas from Sibo. The stand had a number of visitors to the stand from the USN Sig, wanting to see what bill had recently completed, and Richards Zombie capture truck gain a lot of comment. In fact right from the shows opening time there was a steady stream of questions from interested parties with wives and mums interested in Sibo's dioramas and the small details hidden with in. Mick did a great job of answering as Sibo was away for part of the day, assisting judging the Sci-fi category. Nostalgia rather than desire seemed to be the over riding factor behind most purchases of the day. Mick wanted to have another stab at a Bi-plane so picked up a large scale Nueport for which a resin cockpit has already been ordered.

 The first part of a Gallery of pictures is here:- 

23 April 15 A very well supported club night on Tuesday. The theme- Russia, had a high number of models on display and a picture heavy report will follow soon. This update is to let readers know Salisbury IPMS will be at Kraftwork this Sunday. Details for direction are here.

08 April 15 All Club members wish to express the hope that Richard our club Chairman has a swift recovery, and takes things a bit easier. Maybe make a model to relax ( or have a break if the modelling is stressing you out?). The evening of 7th was meant to be a talk and display of biplanes by Chris Southwood, and it is hoped he can re-arrange the evening as events were different to what was billed.

Todays picture is from Jon Moore, club member who now resides just to far away for regular visits. He does however keep in touch, and this model has an interesting back story. Jon has taken a resin model of the 'Hindenburg' a German warship sunk at Scarpa Flow. His grandfather was a deep sea salvage-man, an helped pioneer the lifting of sunk vessels by sealing them underwater then pumping them full of air to re-float them. The 'Hindenburg was the largest ship he raised and this diorama shows him about to board the ship from his own dingy the 'Bunts'.

08 Mar 15 The first club night of March was held on the 3rd after some difficulty gaining access to the hall car park, the small amount of attendees revealed a large number of models. Steve Saville represented the committee. Brian Rose brought along 3 new models in his favoured theme of modern desert conflict, A Zelda APC based on the M113, Trumpeters new Fennek recce and liaison vehicle in German colours and an MRAP.

Nic showed off two 1/48 scale Spitfires, and Bill had the ultra modern X47 Drone in 1/48 scale. The model and therefore real aircraft was surprisingly large. Mick Ellis showed the progress on his latest resin kit, the tracked Scud SS1. Nice painted detail as well as the addition of wiring conduits make the cab very interesting. However as with so many kits very little of this work will be seen once the cab is brought together.

John King and Sibo had a model making version of the great British bake off. Both members were working on 1/35 Panther tanks and Opel Blitz trucks so set the challenge between themselves of completion and reveal by the first club meet of March. The results were definitely in John's favour as his Opel was finished while Sibo's was in a very early stage of construction. John had used the Tamiya version and Sibo the Italeri kit. It was almost a dead heat on the Panthers, though John had no crew figures in his whitewashed Dragon kit, he had replaced the tracks with metal links. Sibo had taken the old Tamiya kit and added new plastic tracks and a hand applied zimmerit finish.

Showing a lot of progress on a major build project, Chris Southwood brought along a number of fuselages for his marathon Airbus conversion. Lots of cutting and splicing together of fuselage cylinders to match the various lengths of the real thing. He chooses to fill all the cabin windows and have them replicated by decals.

22 Feb 15 The club was represented at Yeovilton this Saturday and the Club chairman has penned the following short report:-

'I think this was our first model show of the year, certainly was mine. It was nice to get out of the house and away from Macbeth for a while, but not for too long as the director came to the model show, so inevitably the conversation got round to MacB (production dates are, if interested, 26th – 28th March at the Athenaeum Theatre Warminster, 7.30pm start).

Anyway, back to Fleet Air Arm – Bill and I made the journey from Salisbury loaded up with models, books, lunch and song in our hearts as we navigated the country lanes of Wiltshire and Somerset to the accompaniment of the occasional metallic sounds of “exhaust pipe on road”, not the sort of music one normally listens to. Who knew plastic could weigh so much, I think it was Bill, Bill’s books that is, that weighed the car down.

Don and Mick made their way from Codford and Netheravon and we had an additional member in the shape of Roger, Roger Le-Doswell of Wales.

Our display was up and ready in no time, our usual collection of Planes, Figures, and Automobiles with a single tank taking centre stage in front of the Corsair, which I think was a good spot, so same again next time Mr. Secretary.

Interest in our collection of models was steady throughout the day, Bill’s latest helicopter came in for some scrutiny as did a collection of futuristic cars with figures of scantily clad ladies and a rather wonderful Heinkel He-111, which one punter said it was nice to see it in the flesh as he had seen it a magazine, so it made his day.

Several purchases were made, as you would have guessed of the fixed wing variety, and I believe Don walked away with a lot of plastic strip, wonder what that will be used for….?

I had a stab at doing some modelling, not had much chance these last couple of months, so good to get something started for when I return to it in April.

Good to see some of our members at the show and nice to catch up with Tony Cooke, who we have not seen for some time and who hasn’t been modelling for over a year, seeing the models on show has revitalized him to start again, so look forward to seeing another TC creation in the near future.

Salisbury did not enter the shows’ competition so no gongs to talk about, we did however have Airfix magazine taking photos of a rusted VW Beatle on our stand, so recognition of some sort for our club.

Overall another excellent show down in Somerset, it looks very likely that we will be back again this year in October, as they will be hosting another model show.'

14 Jan 2015 A happy New Year to club members. Our first meeting was held on the 6th, and was well attended despite it being a bitterly cold night. Xmas presents were revealed as well as progress on winter projects and completed models too. Bill's wife had done him proud with a number of USN model aircraft kits, it was as if he had chosen them himself they were all so apt. Peter James also had many new kits that seemed made to measure, his current interest being Russian WWII armour. As well as conventional models, Books and paint sets were evident as gifts over Christmas. One particular book 'Warbirds' was very nice to look at as it featured the artwork of Adam Toby who is now the main artist for Airfix gaining the same status as Roy Cross from years ago.

Completed models on display came from Steve Saville, a Tomcat in 1/48. Nic had Airfix'es Vixen, Richard a trio of models. A diorama trench crossing by a 'Male' tank. His just about done mini dio of a US Hummer with EOD team and a fanciful drag car built around an Me 109 fuselage. Mick Ellis brought in his completed FW 189 which he was very pleased to have done as it was not a pleasant build. Annoyingly it suffered some slight damage in transit so Mick can't quite yet put it away as done.

Works in progress came from Chris Southwood, an almost completed Dragon King Tiger in 3 tone scheme. This model had zimmerit applied using 'no-nails' putty and a resin commander from Alpine miniatures. Vying for attention, the largest models in progress were Don's 1/25 scale chieftain which is coming along nicely and gaining weight, along side an unexpectedly large MPCV 6x6 from Bronco being made by Brian Rose.