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23 Dec 16 Race night report.

Seven vehicles arrived ready to race at the IPMS Salisbury Christmas 'Wacky Racers' night, 4 wheeled (W) and 3 tracked (T). After some Mulled wine was heated and Yule log cut Richard handed over to Don and Sibo to host the second annual event. Photos were taken and votes cast to see which vehicle from the group would win the 'Best dressed ( finished) category'.  The entrants were:-

Mick Ellis - SR4 bullet racer (W)

Steve Saville - Red Lamborghini (W)

Sibo - Bandai Panzer IV (T)

Brain Smart - Die cast Mini (W)

Don - Black Leopard II APC Prototype (T)

Richard Clarke - Metallic T80 (T)

Mike Hobbs - Free style dune buggy (W)

Despite doubt over the eligibility of the Die cast Mini from Brian it gained enough votes for third place in the best dressed category, though vote rigging was suspected, no evidence of Trump was found in the scout hall.  Mick's SR4 placed second with Sibo's 1/30 scale Panzer IV with tank riders taking the gold. When accused of spending all year on making it Sibo answered  ' Well... yes'.  That may also explain the lack of other models this year from Sibo? With the photo call complete attention shifted to the scout hall floor, already marked with two lanes that would be ignored by vehicles that struggled to remain in a straight line.

With 4 wheeled vehicles present Don split the contenders into pairs for each heat. Mick (SR4) and Steve ( Lambo) faced off. Cruelly at the moment of switching on his power Steve's Lambo stopped, and the crowd was gracious enough to allow him an immediate pit stop.  A faulty wire was identified and rectified only to fail again approximately 5 cm into the race.  The SR4 shot off swiftly, helped to the finish line by glancing along the skirting board. The second race was between Mike Hobb's and Brian's Mini. Brian for the second year chose an alternative power source for his racer, a pull back friction motor.  It certainly performed better than last years Sodium reactor, shooting off very speedily. It's problem was lack of staying power only managing about 2 meters before stopping allowing Mike's slower but consistent Dune Buggy to romp home.  Therefore the final was between the SR4 and Dune Buggy with Mick taking the prize.

For the tracked event a inch high 'knife edge' was added to the track about 60cms after the start-line.  All the tracked vehicles climbed this obstacle with ease. With only 3 tracked racers available to race it was decided to run a best of three races event but it soon became obvious that the real 'race' would be between 3rd and 2nd place as Sibo's Panzer quickly out paced the T80 and Leopard.  The first round saw Don come 2nd with Richard in 3rd.  Richard pointed out that the Leopard was minus it's turret so opted to remove the T80 turret. the weight saving must have made a difference as round two saw Richard's T80 come second to Sibo's panzer with Don in last place. The final placings were decided after a photo finish between Don and Richard with a collision between the Leopard and T80 probably helping the T80 take the edge. The Panzer didn't have it totally easy as during its dash the model passed under a radiator which promptly decapitated the commander figure.

Good fun again, though a few less entries this year meant the heats were over quicker, so the challenge for 2017 is laid down here for Wacky Race night 3!  Well done to all the builders/ racers and good win to Mick ( Wheels ) and Sibo ( Tracks and best dressed).

20 Dec 16 Tonight is Race night!  It is hoped as many club members come along and enjoy the evening as spectators or racers. Mulled wine and mince pies will be on offer too.  There will be pictures and a race report posted over the Christmas break but for now a quick recap of the last club meet. Ray Rodda did a very interesting presentation on the horse in military service inspired by both his own service as well as recent film coverage. Many models are under construction, and with confirmation that our summer show will once again have an in-house contest based on Revell kits, some builds for the event were seen to be started.  On the completed table Steve Savill brought along one of his large scale Phantom's and Bill Allen a colourful US Coastguard Blackhawk ( Jayhawk).

On the works in progress, Brian Rose showed a couple of recent Soviet tanks in base green.  Richard the Hon Chairman returned after being involved in theatre activities and revealed a hugely ambitious build for his Revell contest entry. With one more update to go before 2016 ends now is the time to wish all readers and club members a very Happy Christmas.

20th Nov One month to go until the Club Christmas event. Wackey Racers night, with Mulled wine and mince pies.  Contest rules are now up ( see below in the club events / trophy section).

Nov AGM meeting 17 members turned up for the Annual General Meeting and it was a more lively and concise night than many AGMs have been. A review of the year was done, with attention paid to the 2016 show and what changes to expect for 2017. Next year's show will once again be at the Wyvern College and will be held on Saturday 3rd of June. There is a small rise in entrance fees as well as trader fees, this offsets the large increase in hall hire costs for the event. A full report is available from the club Chairman as well as the Audit/ balance sheet for expenditure and income.

Topics discussed in other business included the final part of the new display, the purchase of the name plate. Sibo put forward the outline of an event for 2017 which will be developed over the next few weeks. Also put forward were possible topics for 2017 themes including Rotary Aircraft, Trainers, Colour themes and Twins.  The Revell contest will also go ahead next year ( you can get a head start now) for judging at the club show in June. This will be supported by Salisbury Model centre and Revell UK.  A small number of finished projects as well as Works In Progress where on display, the low number was expected as the emphasis was on AGM matters.

Nick brought along some delicately finished Hurricanes, in 1/72 rather than his preferred scale of 1/48. Todd had Matchbox'es old 1/48 Kaman Seasprite.  After some gentle ribbing he was able to prove to us that the real helicopter had its upper star upside down proving once again that research is the key to shutting up the so called experts. Nice work Todd.

Brian brought along a finished 1/35 Special forces Landrover in his favourite colour- desert yellow. Works In Progress appeared from Nick, Dave Berriman, Mick Ellis and a few others. We'll take a closer look next club night. The Club will have a display table at Telford on the 12th/13th November with other members travelling up by minibus for the Saturday only.  Next club night will have a slide show presentation by Sibo as well as the look through the Telford purchases.


October club nights   Before reviewing October, please note. Next meeting is the Club AGM so all members are requested to attend.  Any matters that you wish to bring up or have discussed please e-mail Chris Southwood or Richard Clarke ahead of the meeting on the 1st November.  There has been some good attendance throughout October as well as displaying at local shows.  On the tables the range of subjects has been diverse, though output a bit slow with more new purchases rather than completed kits being brought along.  Chris tackled in very quick time Trumpeter's 5 in 1 Abrams M1 as a change of pace. The model is still a Work in progress, needing just a light weathering and matt varnish.

Paul Sercombe finally finished the Zvezda King tiger, it has been a challange, the kit itself was great, but trying out some new finishing techniques caused a few problems that have finally been overcome.

The club night on Tues' 18th saw Tom Hindness win Brian's annual quiz- well done.  Tom also had on display more of his 1/72 conversions.  This time an unknown British example from Boulton and Paul to add to his varied German collection.

With only 4 club meets left this year it is wondered how this years racers are progressing?  Don brought along his potential entry a few months back but members are seemingly keeping their entries under wraps this time....

28 Sept 16 The second report of club night on the 20th with the additional things on show along side the 'Animal theme' mentioned below.

Don once again has started on a British subject he has gathered a lot of research material for, a FV437 in 1/24 scale. The KFS kit compares nicely with Don's 1/24 Chieftain prototype completed last year and will represent a Royal Engineer recce prototype based on an extended FV432 'Trojan' that was amphibious without preparation and mounted a slim dozer blade. Slightly less involved but still a very nice kit bash that has advanced hugely since last months club night was Richards cyber tracked omnibus.

It looked very nice in it's bright colours. Mick Ellis has also shown a good turn of speed in building the Trumpeter ZSU-57-2 SPAAG. He admits to not expecting to have even started it so soon after purchase, but as he looked through the box he noted how well it went together and one thing led to another. Paul S brought along an AFV club Scimitar but had it finished in QDG markings he had put together from spare kit decals. The remainder of the tables were covered in examples to fit the animal theme.

Todd and Mike Hobbs really took the theme to heart with animals actually as the main model with the remaining kits on show just sharing an animal name. Mike also had his new 1/144 'Ratte' kit open to view. A very odd design that is as big as a 1/35 tank despite being 1/144. It included 3x mini 'Maus' in the box and will probably sport an interesting cam scheme knowing Mike. Coincidently they'll both fit the theme next year if we repeat it.

21 Sept 16 A good turnout last night, i'll put a club report up online soon, but to keep you interested here is an album of models related to the theme - models with Animal names, a creature feature if you will. As expected 1/35 Panthers, Tigers and Leopards, but Bill Allan tipped the balance in the favour of winged beasts with a host of 1/48 types. click below.

20 Sept 16 Updated events list posted.

24 Aug 16  The hot weather has finally kicked in this August, modelling slows this time of year, Gardens need tending and modelling workshops can be uncomfortable. This was mirrored in the low number of models at the Club night on the 16th.

The venue was great, Richard secured the meeting rooms where he works at Godolphin School. Very tranquil, and he even provided a tour of the old building and potted local history to a few members, a nice change of pace but perhaps the break with our normal location put a few off as numbers were low.  The Godolphin meeting is actually easier in some ways as there is so much more parking room.  Regardless it is back to the Scout hall next month. Before reflecting on what was on show from Nick Williams, Chris Southwood and Richard Clarke a nice picture from displaced club member Colin Whitehouse ( whose Album is visible on this page).  Colin is still very active as this picture shows.

Models on display was a Sherman Firefly from Chris about 70% complete, two 1/72 scale aircraft from Nick and another odd grafting from Richard.

Taking Airfix'es 1/32 scale Old Time bus and adding a set of 1/35 Sherman bogies and tracks to start some sort of steam punk transport certainly looks odd, yet it also looks ind of right.  If imitation is indeed flatery, then I hope Richard won't mind if I make something along these lines.

Nick brought along Hasegawa's Neptune back dated to a PV5 operated by the RAF using a Falcon conversion set and Freightdog decals. He also had the recent Sabre from Airfix in an attracive scheme using PRU blue on the undersides and sharks mouth decals.  The next meeting will be back at the scout hall on Sept 6th.

11 August 16   A wordy update as i'm currently without a home computer so can not upload any pictures. The club BBQ was delightful as always with Don serving up some lovely Burgers and Hotdogs, and despite a greying sky we still managed a nice evening.  Richard announced that he would be able to host the next club meeting at Godolphin School as the Scout hall is being redecorated. The address is below with Postcode for SatNav users.  Club meetings have been slightly down on numbers as might be expected through the Summer, so lets see if we can have a bumper attendance at Godolphin, bring in what your working on, or something finished. The Club will be attending the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection Show on 21st August.

Brome Hse at the Godolphin School SP1 2RA

17 June 16 Two weeks ago today we were busy preparing for the 2016 IPMS Salisbury Model Show. In case you couldn't make it, or missed seeing everything on the day this photo album should make good veiwing.

10 June 16 Saturday saw another great show organised by IPMS Salisbury, even with the extra challenges faced this year. We'll have some pictures up soon from the event. Tuesday's club night mostly revolved around the review of the day with a look forward to the next club meeting, a theme night on Suez and Korea.  The result of the club's Revell contest was announced. As regulars will know, we exclude Salisbury club members entering the competition area on the show day to make our show transparently fair, so we have our own in house contest to keep the modelling pressure on, the only stipulation being it must be a Revell or Revell/Monogram kit, displayed with some snippet of box art or instructions. We were visited on the day by Neil, the south western rep from Revell who brought along his son. He admitted that the task of judging was pretty hard and inside the sealed envelope of results he'd added the following note. 


The results were read out on Tuesdays club night with Richard Clarke taking first place for his 1/24 Revell VW Samba Bus. He took home a set of models donated by Revell and Salisbury Model Centre.  Now this is the 3rd year that Richard has placed first so come on lads....  Richard's derelict Seafire took 2nd place with Todd's Me109 in 3rd.

18 May 16 Last night's Shield TropyContest had less entires than usual, but they all were fine examples of modelling. An album of the 6 enteries is here, click to open. Congratulations to Tony Horton for his winning entry, a 1/700 kit by Trumpeter with PE and Blackdog Resin upgrades to make his USS Theodore Roosevelt CNV-71 look stunning. Details from the remainder of the club night to follow shortly.

14 May 16 Confiramtory E-mails have been sent out to Clubs attending this years IPMS Salisbury Show. If you belong to a club and believe you are meant to be attending but have not received a confirmatory E-mail please get in touch with your own club secretary to ensure details are correct and write to IPMS SALISBURY at email address ;-

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

09 May 16 A look forward and back tonight as we report on club activity.

Looking toward the 17th, we have our own in house shield competition, so if you wish to enter, bring along your submission for judging. Brian Rose won last year so will be one of the judges.

Also tables are available for your own private displays, under table sales or collections. A great chance to look at your fellow club members activity through out the past year before we move into summer. It will also allow the show organisers to choose some of the models that will grace our club stand.  Don't forget that we will have a second stand at the show for the Annual Revell competition.  Don't worry if your entry isn't ready for the 17th but time is short.  It must be ready for display at the IPMS Salisbury show. The last month saw much activity. Richard Clarke placed at the Milton Keynes show, no mean feat as the standards at MK are always high.

The Themed night on April the 5th was very well supported, a nice return to seeing members make an effort to support a topic and get building something new. 26 models were on display reflecting a wide variety of interests. Most outlandish interpretation of the theme 'Creatures of the night' is spilt between Mike Hobbs and his 'Bat' and Rick Williams with his 54mm Knights.  New models for the night came from Sibo with a German searchlight, Paul and a 1/35 Basra finished Challenger tank fitted with night sights, Chris with Revell's Wellington, Mick also with a Wellington but in 1/48. Older models that met the theme came from Don and his 1/25 Chieftain, Nick and two RN aircraft, a Fairy Fulmer and Firefly. Tony Horton brought along a lovely BC2c biplane with supporting text regarding the act of WL Tempest who shot down a Zeppelin at night.  Bill Allan had a number of rader equipped aircraft and Tom Hines some interesting Luft 46. Finally Ray had a large scale Blackhawk. There may have been more but my notes have been exhausted.  Click here to have a look through the photo album.

Last club night saw a number of WIPs and newly acquired kits, Mike had a partly assembled Mini-art  East African building that is intended for a diorama. He reports that a lot of filler was needed and it was less fun to build than he expected. Nick had a Sea Hawk from Trumpeter in 1/48 that looked very close to being done, whereas Phil Loughlin's 1/24 Typhoon still has a long way to go. Finished were Tony's BOLO, a kit in 1/72 by Special Hobby, finished with Alclad and an Aires upgrade to the engines. Bill displayed his Kinetic Kfir in US Navy markings, a kit he found challenging due to the odd nature of part breakdown resulting in more work than was really necessary. Paul had another Soviet tank, this time a T24 finished in his distinctive style.

22 Mar 16 An interesting night on Tuesday as we were treated to a slide show of some very unusual aircraft types from America courtesy of Tony.


On the Completed table was a Panzer III on a GNR base from Chris, an Academy FISTV from Sibo. Nick Williamson brought along a 1/48 Grumman Martlett Mk V  by Hobbyboss.  There was more on display as works in progress. Mike Hobbs had an Arado E555 in an early stage, Mark brought along some large Tornado's and Brian had two projects continuing his IDF themed builds, Takom's AMX 13 and Academy's Magach. Sibo brought along some silicon moulds for a model in 1/76 scale and Don lots of reference material regarding a 2CV van in Royal Marine service, odd and interesting. Chris had his Wellington build ready for next months themed evening 'Creatures of the Night'. Not quite done requiring some figures to complete and looking good on his scratch built base.

22 Feb 16 The club put in an appearance at the Fleet Air Arm museum this past Saturday, a well attended show in an excellent venue, though it can be a bit dark if displaying under the wing of some of the exhibits. Last club night on the 16th was a brief affair with most members leaving straight after Sibo's presentation. Was it something he said? The talk was a change to advertised and focused on Op Calicle and Op Valero, with accompanying pictures of UN vehicles in Kosovo.